Who is george hamilton dating

The exact reason why the couple split is not revealed yet, however, "Irrational difference" is believed to be the major reason behind their separation.

Some sources also said that George was dating another woman while he was married to Alana and thus, the extramarital affair ultimately became the reason behind their divorce.

It was Mom who advised Dad to hire a girl singer to enhance his band's drawing power.

I wonder if she knew she was picking her own poison.

Until then we wish him all the very best for his future.

Cinema, fortunately, seems to be the universal aphrodisiac.

(The comedian presumably was referencing Alexander Hamilton, who never was president.) The most press the actor previously had gotten was when he and his mother were mis­takenly arrested as diamond smugglers at Rio de Janeiro's airport.

But the new scrutiny of dating a first daughter shined a light on Hamilton's Vietnam War draft deferment for "extreme hardship to dependents," with which LBJ's critics had a field day.

The currently single 76-year-old was trav­eling in St.

Moritz, and unavailable for comment, but William Stadiem, co-author of the star's memoir, says the "thing to remember about George is he's the best-connected actor in the history of the film business.

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