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She revealed on the December 22, 2006, episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien that House was her favorite show, and that she was friends with one of the producers and had asked to be a guest star.

In November 2006, Trachtenberg guest starred in season six of the crime drama Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

In 2009, Trachtenberg was a cast member on the NBC drama Mercy; the series lasted one season.

The two looked awfully chic as they made their way to a West Hollywood hotel.

In fact, Trachtenberg so frequently updates her Instagram feed with new selfies, she might as well be Kim Kardashian!

RELATED: How to Take the Best Selfie Snap Celebrate Trachtenberg's 31st birthday with her best Instagram selfies. ) #restingjudgeface A photo posted by Michelle Trachtenberg (@michelletrachtenberg) on #aboutlastnight : Reunited and it feeeels so goooood.

#btvs #dawn 💖 A photo posted by Michelle Trachtenberg (@michelletrachtenberg) on No #scandal here, just possibly the best human ever, Kerry Washington and I had a fab reunion last night and a @hillaryclinton love fest.

#imwithher #strongwomen 💖 A photo posted by Michelle Trachtenberg (@michelletrachtenberg) on #aboutlastnight with this hotness @kellyosbourne supporting @theartofelysium, and their film partnership with #rabbitbandini #heaven2016 A photo posted by Michelle Trachtenberg (@michelletrachtenberg) on #aboutlastnight when @mandymooremm and I snuck into @chaseweideman's #debatenight selfie. We had to stop the drinking game though, every time someone says something ridiculous was too vast a theme.

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