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Lens Blur mode let's you get those super artsy looking shots with a blurred out background in no time at all.

Chose it from the menu on the top left, start the capture, move the camera up slightly, then end the capture.

I took a ridiculous amount of pretty awesome, Instagram-worthy photos, if I do say so myself, with no fear of running out of space (there's unlimited storage for photos and videos).

And Google's Assistant made every other "Assistant App" look like a kindergartner's drawing next to a Rembrandt. Every smartphone ever made has the "best camera ever," according to their own marketing department.

3061" data-image=" TBx58kh Mfcywnw65d C9A=/" data-micro="1"Best Secret Folder disguises itself on your home screen as an unassuming app folder labeled "My Utilities." That way, you'll have access to your passcode-protected sexts without swiping through your Albums, and no one snooping on your phone will be the wiser.

Security features include photo capture and GPS tags of intruders after four login attempts.

When you're alone and ready to kick back and enjoy your sexy content on the big screen, you can stream the pics and videos straight to your Apple TV via Air Play.

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Private Photo Vault protects your sexy pics behind a PIN-protected folder in your Albums, and you can even set up additional layers of security with passcodes on individual folders within the app.The app also offers next-level security features like a break-in report that secretly takes a photo and records your device's current GPS location when the wrong PIN is entered and decoy passwords that shows different pics if someone has you on the spot.We didn't have a chance to test those next-level features out to confirm that they work as advertised, but if you're really paranoid, it might be worth your while to check it out.Simply flick your phone back-to-front twice and viola.Okay, this might not be new, but it's still pretty cool and you might not know about it.

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