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Unlike my C-section scars*, this sudden and unexpected mark on the top of my foot really bothered me - I got it in the most Ever heard that one before?It's an analogy that both intimidates and inspires me, when I apply it to parenting. (Produce a headcase, and someday there might be an orchard-full of headcases in this world, and those headcases.... 😀 ) It's also incredibly unglamorous, particularly in a place like HK where a lot more people clock long working hours in the office and that is often seen as the more erm, "noble" cause because you can "easily" get a helper (which I find misguided because it's unrealistic to expect a helper who makes minimum wage, particularly one who had to leave her own kids behind to come here and take care of relatively privileged ones, to effectively "parent" for you when your kid rolls on the floor in a screaming fit), people sometimes look at SAHMs like they are total slugs 😀 Anyway.surely you have a bit more than that to be proud of, right....??(Don't get me started about the idiots who upload pics and videos dangling from high places (particularly RESTRICTED high places) without safeties)Going for the cheap laugh is so easy, and well, cheap. And another, because people tanks on the balcony one night, because one morning we found everyone belly-up.It is apparently incredibly difficult and painful to remove, and over the years I've met not a few people who got tattoos when they were teens or young adults and really, really regretted it because Life then brought changes to taste and opinions.One young woman who used to work in our area had a simple black "string" around her wrist, and then one day I noticed she had had it removed (she kept other much larger, colourful tattoos on her legs that she appeared happy with, she often wore shorts.) What's with the string?They're the ickiest thing in the world, very unlike say, You might be surprised how many mums get piercings or tattoos after they have kids. You have to be in a good place before your kids can be, and besides pilates or the spa...well Maria Tash probably made a killing when they brought their NY/ LDN staff over to HK (hosted by Lane Crawford) last year.

Working late nights especially after they sleep is fine, but Why The Obsession With Being There After School, mum friends have asked.We happen to live furthest from any of the bus stops and School Bus Run was simply the thing HN had chosen to pick a fight over, for a time.As in, because she is an extreme sports junkee and - Almost as visible to me was Bus Fight Scar.Brightens your tired face 😛 Dropping off HN at the (very local) dance studio we sometimes frequent, I pass another mum with a similar-sized daughter - dressed very casually, not a branded item in sight...but with her ears pierced something like the above.

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