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Mepham said there has been a shift of expertise from human rights to trade on ministerial overseas trips.He said HRW was “very concerned by the trend in China policy”, which he said was increasingly run by the Treasury.Its use would also, if deployed against another sophisticated nuclear-armed state such as Russia, guarantee the UK’s retaliatory annihalation.Nor can we rule out the possibility that the UK might be lured into firing off its missiles alone, whether by diplomatic trickery or technical subversion, giving the US a ‘hands off’ first strike capability that would leave it untouched, and the UK wiped out. There is also the question of just how ‘independent’ the system would ever be.The cost of the subs, in other words, almost trebled in less than a year. And some very interesting indications are to be found inwritten evidence given to the UK Parliament’s Select Committee on Defence back in 2006, assembled by Greenpeace from various expert sources.But of course that’s just the beginning: the system also has to be staffed, fuelled, protected, maintained and so on. As much as a third of that could reasonably end up with US contractors. It states: In practice, the only way that Britain is ever likely to use Trident is to give legitimacy to a US nuclear attack by participating in it.

The assembling of information available in the USA, but kept secret in Britain, by John Ainslie in his 2005 report The Future of the British bomb, shows how extensive this dependency is.“On any objective basis if you look at what is going on in Egypt – the mass deaths, the detentions, the largest mass killings in recent history, the clampdown on civilian society – Egypt would have to be included, but for political reasons Egypt has been taken out.That is very worrying.” In response to the Amnesty report, the government said that it was absolutely committed to promoting and protecting universal human rights.It said the Foreign Office had doubled funding for global human rights and democracy projects to £10.6m, and “human rights, democratic values and strengthening the rules-based international system are vital and integral parts of the FCO’s work.” Justice Minister Dominic Raab, said: “It is irresponsible for any campaign group to criticise our proposals before they’ve seen them.Amnesty have already been told our plans involve the UK remaining in the European Convention, so this scaremongering undermines their own credibility.” A government spokesman said Britain was committed to finding a comprehensive solution to deal with the causes of the migration crisis and not just its consequences.

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