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Now, we have been notified that they are operating their last flight in January.

We’re making other plans, but we’re wondering why they would pull out when the flights appeared to be going out full?

There are several intertwined issues here one of which is the fact that laws in Cuba currently require heavy percentages of Cuban hotel and tourism industry ownership.

This basically means that if you construct a new hotel, there is a likelihood that your partners will be Cuban military and government officials.

The information about spending money in their country is a bit contradictory.

Do we just bring a bunch of singles, do we use local currency for best results? As Cuba is opening up, we think you should increase your coverage of questions related to this destination. If you found anyone willing to accept US dollars you would be totally ripped off. The strategy that is the simplest is bringing in Euros for your shopping and incidentals.

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If there was an issue – it would seem like the airlines would have fixed it by now.

I also have to meet with manufacturers in India and China, not always in the best of locations.

Any hotels you might avoid and any recommendation as to whether or not I should plan on purchasing a satellite phone just in case internet is disrupted.

They are readily accepted and the exchange rate is quite fair.

Leave your dollars in the room safe aboard your ship.

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