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Newell said even had problems staying upright herself because of the floor was so slick it was like an ice rink, according to the Conway Daily Sun.Maggots infested the chicken pieces kept in the refrigerator, Newell added.'Maggots just poured out from the door and down on to the ground,' the teen said, adding that the Fay family had offered to let her eat her lunch with them in the house.

The dogs were seized in June after complaints about Fay's business — which she called De La Sang Monde, the French word for World Blood — based in the huge mansion close to picturesque Wentworth Lake. The real estate listing at the time called it a 'custom built, recently improved, eight master suite home' which included 'a lovely 4 room Au Pair suite, a fabulous gourmet kitchen with marble counter tops, 2 islands, large walk in pantry and stainless steel appliances, a cherry paneled library, an amazing home theater room, beautiful marble baths, gleaming hardwood floors and all the amenities you would expect from a home of this quality and caliber.'But the house was trashed by the sheer number of dogs kept by blue-blooded Fay — whose grandmother married famed financier E. Hutton when she was 28 and he was 60 and following Hutton's death went on to become a viscountess after marrying a member of the British cabinet.Newell — who was referred to in the police report only by her initials as she was just 16 at the time — told police as soon as she went to Fay's home on Warren Sands Road in Wolfeboro, she was met by a smell which made her 'want to gag.' A second kennel worker, Marilyn Kelly told the court in October that the situation at the house was 'out of control.' She said at one point she could not work because she injured her back lifting a dead dog She told Strauch there were 'piles of trash and empty boxes covered in chicken juice. 'The buckets that were used for feeding were not cleaned out from previous feedings.There were maggots and bugs covering the floor where some of the dogs were living.''Additionally, A. said that while loading trash bags to bring outside, Julia told A. she didn't like one of the trash bags they were loading because it contained a dead puppy.'She told A. that they used to bury the dead dogs but they don't anymore,' wrote Strauch in his report.'Once inside the house, A. stated that it was hard to walk as the feces and urine had created a thick layer on the floors. There was also a meat grinder on the counter that was not clean.'Newell, who was paid for her one day of work, told cops she saw dogs defecating on the floor inside the house while unconcerned Fay watched them.'A. counted at least 25 Great Danes in one room alone,' wrote Strauch.But at Tuesday's hearing Fay defended the veterinarian.'I have complete trust in her and great respect for her,' she said.

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