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Instead, all you need to ask them is “Are you on track to complete this task”.If yes, proceed with the steps below, if not, you will need to re-schedule this task.This is patently untrue, as we can see in the following example: It turns out that milestones count for 1% of the % Complete rollup.That’s a number that is independent of the number of milestones in your schedule, or the relative duration of the non-milestone tasks.If you have an unfinished milestone in your project, the highest you will ever reach is 99% on the project rollup.So the formula still stands, with the caveat that if you have one or more unfinished milestones in your project, that formula will result in 99%. For tasks without assignments, this is simple enough.The formula would look something like this: …Project will calculate the rollup as (10 5 0)/(20 20 20), or 15/60, or 25%. So the rollup of % Complete is not a measure of Elapsed Duration from the start of the project to our current Status Date.The number is really essentially an average of the subtasks. If we use the formula above, then milestones having zero duration would have no impact on the overall project % Complete.

Some tasks I CAN update the percent complete, but if I type in 50%, it changes it to 100%. It is for finishing my basement with each room being a major task and all of the things inside that room the subtasks. If your organization is only interested in tracking percent completes in your projects, I would like to show you a new way of updating your schedule and avoiding the ever dreaded “What’s the Percent Complete” on your task.In a lot of scenarios, the team members are giving a guesstimate on where they’re at.Whenever i give, for exemple 75% complete, sometimes the gantt bar doesn't change and in another task it does change. and there is also different effort driven statuses that may be causing this but I would like to check it out to ensure there is not a bug.Thanks, Marc Can you detail what your issue involves ? We have not heard since the fix anything on this....

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