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Donnie, newly released from jail; Tommy the local cop separated from his wife; Rhett, preparing to leave to try his luck in Nashville. In a small Catholic boarding school an unspeakable act has been committed. Her mother, originally from India, was single when she arrived in America, and fell in with a Caucasian male as he looked like a movie star.

When High School student, Luther Scott, confesses to Father Michael Kelly, Kelly is bound silent to the ... Her dreams were shattered when he married a prettier Caucasian, leaving her to marry an East Indian.

Each character in the British version was cast in such a precise way that half of the success of the show is based on the actor who performs their part.

Worse than that the film is insulting to every group it portrays: blind people, Italian-American, African-Americans, Indian-Americans, limousine drivers, therapists.

There is even a line saying' the MLK walk began a few months after the Playboy interview'! The attempts to show that the nudie magazine helped feminism ,sexism, Vietnam war, Kennedysetc in its own way is vomit-inducing to say the least! This should have been a journey through the culture (60s,70s,80s) and a fun journey with a wink to the viewer.

Instead it takes itself too seriously and dare I say BORING to say the least!

Too insipidly, cloyingly cutesy to be edgy, too crass, juvenile and vulgar to be cute, and not funny enough to be either.

Additionally, there is not one single iota of genuine wit, emotion, or originality in even one frame of this odious film.

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