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Co k tomu dodat, snad jen, e Sylva Ondrukov je fakt pkn baba. Kdo by ji neznal z jedn z nejsledovanjch reality show, kde je sex na dennm podku ;) webmaster Je tady lto v plnm proudu a sexy fotek pibv kad den hromada, co je SUPER!

Facebook, which owns four of the world's most popular smartphone apps including Instagram, has for years prioritized material that its complex computer algorithms think people will engage with through comments, "likes" or other ways of showing interest. A Virginia-based cybersecurity firm said on Thursday it had found early indications that Russia-based hackers may be planning attacks against anti-doping agencies in retaliation for Russia's exclusion from next month's Winter Olympic Games.

Senate committee overseeing business issues asked Apple Inc to answer questions about its disclosure that it slowed older i Phones with flagging batteries, according to a letter seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

Facebook, which owns four of the world's most popular smartphone apps including Instagram, has for years prioritized material that its complex computer algorithms think people will engage with through comments, "likes" or other ways of showing interest.

More than 40 years ago, the "Layla" rocker stunned fans at a gig in Birmingham, England by launching into a racist tirade, which included him shouting, "Keep Britain white. It's much heavier, man." The "Empire" star has been keen to make the film for several years and now she reveals she will portray Till's mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, in the untitled film, which will be directed by John Singleton.

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