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I would walk in the streets for days because I didnt have enough money to afford a rickshaw. Here is the resignation letter (some portions have been blurred for privacy) They say you will get success when it is the only option you have. But that was not going to stop me because I don’t have any other option. I would eat water when I am hungry and try to save as much as possible. My survival depends on this and I have to do it, come what may. Countless hours spent in Googling, coding, writing and building it. I locked myself in a balcony and Googled all day long. If at all you take loans, have something to fall back on. In fact, all I wrote for the first year was pure garbage. My engineering fees was 7000 a month and my family is fighting debt. Each month, the debt would increase because of that education fee. Imagine the condition of a 22 year old guy who has never seen poverty in his life, sitting with friends who would spend thousands on beer parties and live on their mercy. I respect her decision now.) I have died many deaths in those two years but this was the hardest blow. I was broke, beaten and pushed to the corner but I walked away. I knew that this is a bad phase which is not permanent. This story is part of our Life-hacks series and this particular answer from Amit Banerjee on Quora caught my eyes and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with you. And here I am, travelling in a jet to save time because I am short in leaves. Whenever I am in trouble, I open my archive and see this cheque.

There was a time in my life when I had just 10Rs in my pocket, just in case some emergency comes in and I have to make phone calls from a local telephone booth. When disaster comes, it comes with a battalion from all directions, all at once. This shit was so painful that I almost gave up on everything. I had a dream and a temporary crisis is no excuse on giving up on your dreams and settle for mediocrity. I had ZERO technical knowledge on how to build a website.

Lesson learned the hard way – Be grateful for what you have. When the girl’s father asks for my salary, I smile and say “I hope your daughter gets a wealthy guy. Every single rupee counts.” When I return home in flight, a part of me cries.

No credit cards, I don’t need cashback and other things.

I would work for hours in a data entry job and get paid Rs 1 for filling up forms, that way I earned Rs 80-100 a day.

I saw my father giving up his scooter to save fuel costs.

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