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Of course I wore my new gauzy pastel blouse and had my eyebrows threaded, but at the last minute I decided against the spectator Oxfords I’d planned to wear and opted for some summery heeled sandals — which required an emergency pedicure.I was already running late due to some shenanigans (and emotional anguish on my part) related to getting my kids and ex off to the airport on their way to Europe, but my feet were a mess and I really wanted to feel and look fabulous and I envisioned us dining outdoors (one of my favorite things ever) and pretty strappy footwear was clearly superior to funky but butch Oxfords.(Seriously, watch the video above to see how quickly she responded!) According to mom, Roman’s too busy with flag football, hockey and his stand-up comedy class. There is certainly an element of self-fulfilling prophesy at play, but regardless: when I have an excellent hunch that a date will be a grand slam (not to be confused with a home run — but that, too), I am very rarely wrong.

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In the meantime, follow her on Instagram at @roxyhorner because, y'know, whatever.

Denny calls Josie his "guardian angel" because she recognized the signs of stroke after their multi-day bike ride in Arizona in 2016, and got him medical attention.

They were married May 13, 2017, but delayed their honeymoon until after the 2018 Winter Games. "I got the email and I sat on Denny's lap and I opened the attachment together with him and saw my name.

Debra Messing was warned that her son, Roman, would grow up sooner or later, but she’s always been in denial -- as most parents usually are! "I was told that boys become men, and I was like, ' Oh, but mine’s not!

'" RELATED: Debra Messing Chats with Rach and Bob Harper Sure enough, though, the 13-year-old showed up to his mom’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in October looking all grown up -- in a suit and everything.

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