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For example, it’s common to mistake “B” for a “P,” “C” for “E,” and so on.For most of us, this sort of error might cause a mislabeled package shipment or a misspelled dinner invitation.It has even made its way into modern cinematic depictions of WWII, such as Saving Private Ryan. The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) developed this system after years of careful research and testing.Critically, the ICAO tested each code word in many common dialects.Have you ever watched a war film and wondered, “What’s a Foxtrot? Servicemen and women use this language to improve clarity of communication, and sometimes as a form of slang. Each represents one letter of the English alphabet. ” These unusual words belong to a powerful code language known as the military alphabet.Over the the first half of the 20th century, several different spelling alphabets came in and out of use.

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The Joint Army / Navy Phonetic Alphabet, also known as the “Able Baker Charlie” alphabet, can be heard in movies and TV shows dating from the 1950s. armed forces and NATO adopted a common alphabet known as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet (IRSA), or the Nato Phonetic Alphabet for short.

To solve this problem, flight associations started using code words to represent easily confused letters.

During WWI, the British Royal Airforce introduced the first complete spelling alphabet, the RAF radio alphabet.

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