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The following day, on 19 May, the blue Mercedes was spotted by patrolmen, parked near the murder scene.Boden, a former fashion model, was arrested half an hour later as he went to his car.Edgar Hoover, who directed him to England, where he met a man who had dealt with 20 or 30 cases.Eventually Swann was able to get the information he needed and based on a cast made of Boden's teeth he demonstrated 29 points of similarity between the bite marks in Elizabeth Porteous' body and Boden's teeth.This evidence was sufficient for the jury of Boden's trial to find him guilty of murder for which he was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment.

Clearly, there was a link between Elizabeth Porteous' death and the murders in Montreal.However, he insisted that Porteous was fine when he left her that night.The police in Calgary were in possession of a copy of the photograph recovered from Archambaut's apartment and, as Boden resembled the man in the picture, they held him for suspicion in murdering Porteous.Together with her landlady, they discovered her fully clad body on the couch. The killer had ripped her pantyhose and bra, raped her and left his telltale teeth marks on her breasts. On 16 January 1970, Brian Caulfield, the boyfriend of Jean Way, 24, came to pick her up for a scheduled date at her apartment on Lincoln Street in downtown Montreal.The police were able to find a crumpled photograph amid the wreckage of Archambault's apartment, which was readily identified as the mysterious "Bill" by her co-workers. When she did not answer the door, he decided to come back a little later.

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