Chaturika peris

Their main punch revolves around 4 landing barges or 2 medium hovercraft, however, which deliver armored vehicles, tanks, and soldiers to shore.Vessels of this class are equipped with a 69-bed hospital, and could be used as amphibious command ships.Problems have been encountered with the Ka-52K after shipborne trials, however, postponing delivery to Egypt.In August 2009, Russian media reported that their country was planning to take a radical step, and buy a French BPC-210 Mistral Class amphibious assault ship (BPC/LHD) by the end of 2009.Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the preparation of a new Act for the NLB. You can purchase Dollar Fortune ticket for US$ 10 and win US$ 100,000. And the super prize winners of Govi Setha , Sampath Rekha , Supiri Vasana and Neeroga were awarded at the same event.

Russia’s shipbuilding industry is clearly experiencing difficulties.France currently operates 3 Mistral Class LHDs, after buying a 3rd using economic stimulus funds.Unlike other LHD designs, the Mistral Class can’t operate fixed wing aircraft, and some observers in Russia and elsewhere classify at as an LHA.Other possibilities include anti-submarine helicopters, radar-carrying airborne early warning helicopters, and UAVs.When this potent aviation punch is combined with the ships’ troop landing capabilities, the new class offers Russia a whole new dimension of offensive and influence operations.

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