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She is on ICSA’s Board of Directors, and is International Journal of Cultic Studies, Co-Editor.

After more than 30 years in the cult awareness field, he considers himself to be an RKP - -Reasonably Knowledgeable Person - if not an officially accredited expert.Listed below are biographical sketches on some of the people who have published in ICSA periodicals or spoken at ICSA conferences.If you are listed here, please let us know if anything needs to be updated.Current research project, funded by Vetenskapsrådet, deals with children in minority religions (2012-2015) with Liselotte Frisk and Sanja [email protected] Ashley Allen, MSW, LMSW, completed her Master’s in Social Work at Monmouth University where she was also selected to coordinate and present the School of Social Work’s Annual Clinical Lecture Series.

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