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Look, I’m all in favor of chemistry and romantic spark because quite frankly, what’s the point if you’re not turned on?

On the flip side, what’s the benefit of an endless cycle of meeting people who are out of alignment with your long term desires.

The new “hit or miss” method is the way many seek relationships these days which is perpetuated by the dating advice expressed by many coaches. However, if we start to treat dating as a way to form true relationships we may be successful in not only landing the right guy, but also miss the mayhem that can occur when dating on the fly with whomever, whenever.

Sure you can go out on 100 dates with the hope that one person might be a match or maybe you can pre-qualify (with a simple phone call) shared values before meeting in person. If you are tired of the “hit and miss” method, read on.

A quick way to determine if you are ready to consciously date and embrace loving relationships is to go deeper.

Ask yourself these following questions: Your answers might surprise you.

I would bet that no one is walking around consciously trying to avoid love.

The conscious dater is fully aware that lust is not a pathway to love and even if there is a sexual attraction, she doesn’t engage unless there is alignment in values.In fact, I would dare say we need to start creating new positive beliefs about how the opposite sexes view one another as this creates a better world in general.Not all men are jerks and not all women are bitches. Just because you have been in a bad relationships doesn’t mean every relationship moving forward is going to be the same deal. Consciously dating makes room for the the possibility to recognize that while chemistry is important, lust is a drug and giving into those urges can leave a wake of hurt feelings if not tempered with accountability.I bet it isn’t one where you are spending weekend after weekend at a bar filled with dudes who are more like duds.The point is, the conscious dater is whole already. The conscious dater clearly knows who she is and what she wants, because going out on a date just for the sake of fun is merely a waste of time.

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